Master in Human Resource Development

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Master of Human Resource Development is one of the study program offered by Post Graduate School of Airlangga University. You will study together with the best academic staff from Airlangga University, which is now ranked 521st in the QS University Ranking Worldwide, and ranked 124th in Regional Asia.

The program have the flexibility of  custom part of the subject, suited with your interest topic in the Business Industry, Government, and Family and Community. The program have 3 Semester duration, ideal for graduates or HR professionals who come from multidisciplinary sciences. 

The Advantages Studying in Master of Human Resource Development

  1. National Accreditation (BAN-PT) A
  2. ABEST21 International Accreditation
  3. Master of Human Resource Development is a study program in Airlangga University ranked 521 Worldwide in QS University World Ranking.
  4. Master of Human Resources Development is the only study program in Indonesia that focuses on improving competence in human resources development
  5. The curriculum is designed to improve competence to solve problems, innovate and make changes in Human Resource Development.
  6. Learn with leaders who will prepare you to address some of the key issues facing HR globally.
  7. Improving your career through capacity building as a leader and human resource practices obtained during the learning process.
  8. Enjoy a learning experience with a pleasant atmosphere and a variety of knowledge with fellow Indonesian and international students.
  9. Inbound and outbound programs aimed at increasing your International Exposure
  10. Scholarships with various benefits for International and Superior students.

Career Potential & Professional Membership for Graduates

Human Resource Management

A person who portrays himself as a manager, an innovative, professional, based on the moral integrity of both in private and public organizations

Human Resource Trainer

A person who is able to prepare training activities, ranging from training needs analysist to the learning outcome process within HR training program

Researcher in Human Resource Field

A person who conducts basic and applied research processes in the field of human resources management

Expert and Consultant in Human Resource Management

A person who is able to provide solutions to human resources problems, and examine the causes of human resources problems in an organization, both in public and private sector

Potential membership within professional organizations

Check with the related association for more details information  

1.Perhimpunan Manajemen Sumberdaya Manusia Indonesia (PMSM Indonesia)
2.Asosiasi Lembaga Peningkatan Kapasitas SDM Indonesia (Alpeksi)
3.The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
4.The Indonesian HR Professionals ( IHRP )
5.Forum Manajemen Indonesia (FMI)

Professor and Lecturer in Master of Human Resource Development

Program Coordinator 

  1. Dr. Nuri Herachwati, Dra. Ec., MSi. MSc.

Professors and Lecturer

  1. Prof. Dr. Jusuf Irianto, M.Com
  2. Prof. Dr. Suryanto, drs., M.Psi
  3. Prof. Dr. Mustain, M.Si.
  4. Prof. Dr. Bagong Suyanto, Drs., M.Si
  5. Dr. Falih Suaedi., drs., M.Si
  6. Prof. Dr. Subagyo, Drs., MS
  7. Prof. Dr. Henri Subiakto, Drs., SH., MA
  8. Prof. Dr. I.B. Wirawan, Drs., SU
  9. Prof. Kuntoro, dr., M.P.H., D.P.H
  10. Prof. Dr. Sri Iswati, S.E., M.Si
  11. Dr. Erna Setijaningrum, S.IP., M.Si
  12. Prof. H. Kacung, Drs., MA., Ph.D.
  13. Prof. Dr. Budi Prasetyo, Drs., M.Si
  14. Prof. Dr. Basuki Rekso Wibowo, SH., MH
  15. Dr. Sri Endah Nurhidayati, S.Sos., M.Si.
  16. Prof. Dr. Djoko Mursinto, Drs.Ec., ME
  17. Dr. Windijarto, SE., MBA
  18. Dr. Tri Siwi Agustina, S.E., M.Si
  19. Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco, S.E., MBA., Ph.D
  20. Dr. Bintoro Wardiyanto, Drs., M.Si
  21. Dr. Antun Mardiyanta, Drs., MA.
  22. Dr. Pinky Saptandari EP Dra.,MA

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