“Building Tourism in East Java”

Podcast Airlangga Forum, 28 Feb 2021 – Tourism is a business in which an institution or individual takes advantage of the uniqueness of the area. De Durian Park is one form of the tourism industry that was built as an effort, as well as to revive the economy of the people of Wonosalam, Jombang. Ustadz Yusron Aminullah’s tourism industry has recently begun to build partnerships with the Airlangga University Postgraduate School.  This was marked by the holding of a visit by the Postgraduate School in a mini seminar with the topic “Building Tourism in East 

Java”. The event was filled by Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco Ph. D (Director of the Postgraduate School of Airlangga University), Prof. Panca (Deputy Director 2 of Postgraduate School, Airlangga University), Ir. Kristomo M. Si (Chairman of the Surabaya Zoo Supervisory Agency), Luki (Berita Jatim), and Susilo (Head of Komunitas Kota Sejuk). 

Some of the speakers also provide insight it related to how a suitable strategy to develop tourism in East Java in terms of internal and external, especially for De Durian Park. According to Prof. Badri, to develop a tourism industry requires cooperation from various parties. The role of academics and local government is very important for the development of this industry. In addition, Prof. Badri also believes that De Durian Park needs to collaborate with things that are famous in the area, for example is religious tourism. Collaboration between these two aspects would have a significant impact on tourist interest. On the other hand, Prof. Panca believes that “educational tourism” is needed. An example is the education of the same dairy cows as in the Kebun Raya Bogor. Ir. Kristomo and Mr. Luki also argue that there is a need for culinary uniqueness that can also attract tourists. From these opinions, Ustadz Yusron, as the manager of De Durian Park, answered that they have plans to go there. The role of academics has also been realized by inviting Universitas Airlangga to provide guidance. In terms of fauna, there will be deer shipments from Bogor, and holding MoU with KBS.

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