UNAIR Postgraduate Lecturer Speaks on the International Platform

News UNAIR Postgraduate School, 18 Oct 2022 – Conference and Exhibition of the International Association of Police Chiefs (IACP) was held, on October 15th-18th, 2022. IACP is an annual event, citing official sources, where more than 16,000 Public Law Enforcement professionals attend to learn new techniques, as well as upgrading their knowledge in their field of work. This year, IACP was held in Dallas, United States.

Inspector General of Police (Ret.) Dr. Dra. Juansih, S.H., M.Hum was present at this international event, as one of the representatives of the delegation from the police of the Republic of Indonesia with his entourage. She was asked to be a speaker as the lecturer at the Postgraduate School of Airlangga University after her retirement from the police, explaining the world’s need for transformative leadership echoed by the Postgraduate School of Airlangga University.

According to her, entering the 4.0 era requires all fields of work, including the police and Public Law Enforcement professionals to be able to adapt immediately and to move quickly, precisely and accurately, because change is inevitable and a transformative leadership figure is the key answer in response to future challenges.

It was also added by the first two-star retired Policewoman General in Indonesia who is also the Head of the strategic studies of IKA UA, that facing the world’s situation and conditions, Universitas Airlangga as a world-class institution notices that such rapid changes must also be accompanied by strong moral strength. That’s why Universitas Airlangga is firm with its motto of Excellence with Morality.

Quoting from official sources, the event which lasted for 4 days was based on three principles, namely training, networking, and exhibition space education. The IACP 2022 will include four days of education and networking. Moreover, Exposition Hall will be open Sunday – Tuesday conference to meet with more than 600 vendors who showcase products and services to help the performance of the law enforcement profession.

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