Airlangga Forum 171st Episode : “Digital Literacy and Health for East Java Economic Revival”

 “Digital Literacy and Health for East Java Economic Revival”

News UNAIR Postgraduate School, March 13 2024 – The 171st Airlangga Forum again presented discussions relevant to the dynamics of East Java, this time focusing on “Digital Literacy and Health for East Java Economic Revival”. Experts and academics from UNAIR Graduate School discussed various issues related to law, health, and economics in the context of regional development.

Dr. Radian Salman, S.H., LL.M, Coordinator of the Master of Science Law and Development Study Program, highlighted the challenges in decentralizing health policy. “Increasingly limited decentralization makes it difficult for local governments to manage health. The need for disclosure in terms of legal design and handling joint policy issues,” he said. He also touched on good governance. That the tools of local government in terms of public services, must now be digitized as well. Through google review for example, for monitoring and evaluation of programs.

Dr. Arief Hargono, drg., M.Kes., Coordinator of the Master of Disaster Management Study Program, discussed the relationship between natural disasters and public health. “Natural disasters often leave significant health impacts,” he said. He also asked us to look together at whether our response to the disaster was appropriate? Considering that data shows that disaster events in 2022 are relatively less than in 2021, however, the number of victims has increased.

From an immunological perspective, Dr. Salma Zulqaida, S.Si., M.Si., highlighted the 2045 challenges we will face. Among them are a population of 9.4 billion, the proportion of elderly people is increasing, technology will replace 40% of jobs, climate change, and competition for natural resources. Climate change and population increase are major challenges for health systems. In this regard, the role of immunology is very important in detecting, preventing, and controlling diseases. “One of the treatments that has great potential to be developed in Indonesia is herbal medicine,” said this immunology master lecturer.

Dr. Ni Made Sukartini, S.E., M.Si., MIDEC, Coordinator of the Master of Health Economics Study Program, discussed the relationship between health and economic growth. “Public health is the foundation for sustainable economic growth. Efforts to improve public health will contribute to the economic welfare of East Java,” he said. He revealed this based on the function of L in economics, namely labor. That in order for the quantity of a good to be large, economic activity must run, the production process exists, and the workforce must be competitive and healthy.

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