The Book Launch by Prof Da Hsuan Feng: China, The Rise of Asian Tigers Through the Technological revolution and Human Resources

News of UNAIR Post Graduate School, 19 Apr 2021 – Universitas Airlangga Post Graduate School held an online public lecture accompanied by the launch of a book entitled “China’s Millennium Transformation, The Belt and Road Initiative”. The guest star of this event is Prof Da Hsuan Feng as a speaker and author of the book. Also present as speakers from Indonesia were Dimas Oky Nugroho, S.IP., M.Phil., Ph.D. as an expert kemenko RI, dr. Muhammad Miftahussurur, M.Kes., Sp. PD-KGEH., Ph.D as vice rector IV UNAIR, and Adik Dwi Putranto as head of kadin East Java. The event was held on Monday, April 19, 2021.

Prof Feng argues that China has undergone a revolution in technology very rapidly over the past few decades. Advances in digital technology have made life’s transformation highly connected, and China is a pioneer of the digital technology and artificial intelligence industries. Some of the largest companies in China. Prof Feng also argues that it is necessary to cooperate in the field of research, such as medicine, where health problems can be solved by joint research, so that cost and time efficiency can be optimized. What’s more, the sophistication of cloud computing technology and artificial intelligence can maximize big data about medical research records and methods.

Prof Feng also argues that there is a high tension between the United States and Chinese governments, especially when it comes to trade wars. China is one step ahead in the development of network technology, especially 5G technology has now dominated most of the global commodity market of digital products. But Prof Feng argues that it is not the cold war and heated political interests that should take precedence in global competition, but global issues such as global warming that should get more attention. he argues that global warming has increased significantly over the past decade, as evidenced by rising sea levels through melting ice volumes in Antarctica and the Poles. 

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