A Series of Airlangga Education Expo Event

Universitas Airlangga has held the Airlangga Education Expo 2021 on 15 – 19 February. During the events, Universitas Airlangga along with Airlangga Forum had done a series of webinar with various appealing themes and invited several inspirational speakers. Mr. Ignasius Jonan delivered knowledge regarding continuity energy in order to save the future lives. The Regent of Pamekasan, Baddrut Tamam, shared knowledge about culture uses as social modal for citizens in development. Mr. La Nyalla Mahmud Mattalitti, the Head of Regional Representative Council of Republic of Indonesia, explained about the needs of collaboration between University and Regional Representative Council of Republic of Indonesia and Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry of East Java in order to improve the citizens’ ability to develop innovations also for University to give advice and critics to the government.

The regent of Trenggalek, Mochammad Nur Arifin, wants to develop Collaborative Tourism and Green City by having supports from academicians and practitioners. The regent of Gresik, H. Fandi Akhmad Yani, also do some innovations to handle the annual flood from Lamong River. Mr. Abdul Halim Iskandar (the Minister of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration) stated that we need the roles of academicians in the development process in villages.

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