Intl. Public Lecture with Dr. Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Mohd Isa, UiTM Malaysia: Overview of Research Method

News of UNAIR Postgraduate School, 25 Aug 2021 – Postgraduate UNAIR again held the Airlangga Forum with the theme AN ​​OVERVIEW OF QUANTITATIVE AND MIXED RESEARCH. Several speakers such as Assoc were present. Prof. Ts. Dr. Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Mohammad Isa (Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences University Technology Mara (UTM) Malaysia, and Prof. Dr. Fendy Suhariadi, M. T., Psychology (Moderator).

Regarding some research applications, Dr. Wan Abdul explained that research certainly needs several methods, such as quantitative research, qualitative research, and mixed research. Dr. Wan Abdul also mentioned that a research requires thoroughness and something relevant in the process. To determine the method of research, of course we need a relevant problem then we determine the method of research and that will lead to a goal of the research. But he said that every initial action that we build will also cause a process that is in accordance with what we started. But usually it is possible that a research generally comes from the facts and figures that exist. 

Methods such as evidence-gathering techniques, as a way to proceed in gathering information. In his own methodology he also mentions that usually there will be a theory that makes it easier for our research to base it. In other words, something that makes it easier for us to later determine the research method we will choose, whether quantitative, qualitative, or mixed. He also mentioned that theories and analyzes that underestimate how research is carried out or should be carried out are often influenced by discipline.   

Then in the general description of research methods, qualitative usually comes from experience, knowledge, and from certain sources that we know. Everything that is collected from what we do certainly requires careful analysis to produce conclusions. Then the qualitative method itself is a systematic research in the sense that there are several processes that we cannot avoid so that it is a coherent process and it is also crucial if we leave one of the processes. So as it should we need to do some rules of thumb which are very important for future research.

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