Intl. Public Lecture, Dr. Khatijah Omar, Univ Malaysia Terengganu: Writing a Published Thesis

News UNAIR Postgraduate School, 30 Apr 2021 – Universitas Airlangga Graduate School once again held the Airlangga Forum with the theme “WORKSHOP ON WRITING A PUBLISHED THESIS” on Friday, April 30, 2021. Present as a resource person this time is Assoc. Prof. DR. Khatijah Omar (Associate Fellow of Academi Sains Malaysia (ASM), Associate Professor of Management &Human Resource Management Faculty Business Economic &Social Development Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia), Dr. Nuri Herawati, Dra.Ec., M.Si., M.Sc. (Postgraduate School Universitas Airlangga)

Some opinions from DR. Khatijah Omar on the thesis he explained. He said that some ways for the initial discussion in a thesis need to be intropeksi which includes pressing the topic but staying focused in general. Then about the background related to the issue that is being discussed. Related to the problem or problem discussed, which is discussing the topic of the problem for each variable that is interconnected. Get into the content, starting with a global one, like a problem that needs a solution around you.

Then in the introduction itself, he said that in an introduction of course we see a case study that then has some elements such as the variable in question, the framework of variable research, hypothesis development. In addition, he also presented points that need to be listed such as starting with DV, IV and moderating /mediating, quotes that are current and better than scopus, Wos, ISI, and ,looking for gaps and trying to fill in relevant gap theories.

In the areas discussed, of course, there needs to be some careful attention in methodology such as research design and justification, population, sampling techniques, and how you decide the best example size and how you decide the size of the data collection process, and of course analysis. In methodology itself you need to discuss it in detail, for example the process of collecting data that you have collected before and list it in detail.

In addition, in the introduction itself make sure all concerned or related to RO and hypothesis are in one tablet or one circle. Then in conclusion you explain the results of the objectives and hypotheses in detail related to the theory that you discussed in detail. So that the reader does not find any flaws and even shortcomings of unfinished hypotheses.

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