International Lecture, Dr Sascha Hardt, Maastricht Univ, Netherland: Constitutional Enforcement in the Digital World

News of UNAIR Postgraduate School, 3 Jun 2021 – Postgraduate School of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a Public Lecture on Thursday, June 3, 2021. This time came with the topic, CONSTITUTIONALISM, AND DEMOCRACY IN A DIGITAL WORLD. Present as a speaker, namely Dr. Sascha Hardt, LL.M from the Faculty of Law Maastricht University. 

Sascha believes that technology can be an anti-democratic force, where the private sector and foreign powers can influence the social life of a country. With the analysis of a lot of data, especially through social media, a detailed analysis of a person’s political choices can be known. If the political choices of a community group are known to be different, there can be inequality in treatment by policymakers. Political choice information that has been kept secret can be known openly, and can even be disseminated to the public, where this is very disturbing individual privacy.

In addition, with the presence of social media, political influence by those who have authority can be so strong through the dissemination of controlled information at the discretion of policyholders. Social media owners, who are foreign parties, can influence the local politics of a country, including the political campaigns of a candidate for head of state or head of government. “There need to be regulations for parties and politicians so they don’t exert political influence on social media,” He said. 

Sascha also stated that law enforcement in Indonesia regarding the IT Law, which largely silences freedom of opinion, depends on where the law is more biased. However, even though the IT Law is difficult for the public, the law is still needed to regulate the stability of information in the digital world, so that it can avoid factions in the community. In addition, the IT Law can be used to limit criminal acts through hate speech that leads to a race, to maintain unity in society.

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