International Lecture, Dr Filippo Buranelli, Univ St. Andrews, UK: Understanding Local Culture for a Better Global Order

News of UNAIR Postgarduate School, 27 May 2021 – Postgraduate School of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a Public Lecture agenda. This time with the title THE PRESENT AND FUTURE OF COMPARATIVE REGIONALISM with a speaker, Dr. Filippo Costa Buranelli as an assistant professor in The International Relations Study Program, University of St. Andrews, UK, as well as the Head of English Language Education for the International Studies Association. This event held on Friday, 27 May 2021

Filippo stated that cosmology should be interpreted as a science to study order. The order is the pattern of community activity related to the basic purpose of humans to live. The order of European society is completely different from that of outside Europe. Therefore, the global community needs to let go of their Eurocentrism view as the center of all world orders, including the global economic and political order. Comparative regionalism needs to combine western and local science in understanding the global order of life.

He also stated that international relations need input from many perspectives outside of science itself. Academics and policymakers need to know the ideas of each difference and similarity from the perspective of each region, to create an orderly order in formulating international law. This is so that international law does not lead to internal conflicts between regions or civil wars. In addition to assessing local perspectives, it is also necessary to investigate the language of each region other than English, because there is often miscommunication not only between policymakers between countries but also to heads of state, especially local communities.

New regionalism needs to develop comparative regionalism through understanding the norms and functions of diplomacy which are not based on Eurocentrism, but a cultural background. We cannot compare the European Union’s very normative and legalistic way of life, whereas Southeast Asia is informal. Therefore, Filippo emphasized that there is a need for cooperation between the two parties in the formulation of policies, not based on pressure from more superior countries, such as the European Union on developing countries.

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