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Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed
Associate Professor Construction Management/ Disaster Resilience
School of Architecture and Built Environment, The University of Newcastle, Australia
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Activity: 29 April 2021
Event: Public Lecture
Topik: Understanding Vulnerability and Disaster Risk from Social and Policy Perspective
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Dr. Swikar lama
Assistant Professor Department of Criminology and Police Studies
Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice, Jodhpur, India
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Activity : 10 April 2021
Event: Public Lecture
Topik: Smart Policing with Special Reference to Predictive policing
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Prof. Mohamed Elewa Badar
Chair of Comparative and International Criminal Law and Islamic law,
Northumbria School of Law, Northumbria University Newcastle, United Kingdom
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Activity : 5 April 2021
Event: Public Lecture
Topik: Current Challenges in Prosecuting Hate Propagandist at International Criminal Tribunals 
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Prof. Dr. Sohail Ahmed
Associate Professor Faculty Bussiness Management (FBM)
University Teknology MARA (UiTM) Malaysia
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Activity : 3 April 2021
Event: Public Lecture
Topik: Financial for Non Financial Manager
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Prof. Markus Bὅckenfὅrde
Chair of the Comparative Constitutional Law Program
Department of Legal Studies, Central European University, Hungary
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Activity : 26 Maret 2021
Event : Public Lecture
Topik : Contitutional Implementation
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Dr. Ikboljon Qorabayev
Comparative Law
Associate Professor of International Relations
Narikbayev Kazguu University, Kazakhstan
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Activity : 17 Maret 2021
Event : International webinar
Topik : Comparative Regional in and For Asia: Central Asia, Eurasian and Southeast Asian Perspective
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Prof. Michael Faure
Comparative Private Law and Economics
Comparative and International Environment Law
Maastricht University, Netherlands
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Activity : 3 Maret 2021
Event: Public Lecture
Topik Effective Financial Compensation for Victims of Disaster
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Prof. Olga Bektibayeva
Department of Criminal Procedure law and Forensics
Kazguu Law School,  M. Narikbayev Kazguu University – Kazakhstan
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Activity : 30 Januari 2021
Event : Webinar Airlangga International Forum 
Topik : Criminal Procedures and Role of Police
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