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About Research and Community Services Unit

The Research and Community Service Unit at the Postgraduate School is part of Research and Community Service Unit at the Rectorate level of Airlangga University.


To become an independent, innovative, leading national and international community service and development institution, superior and dynamic in the application of science, technology and humanities based on religious morals


  1. Improve the culture of community service for the academic community that upholds the ethical and moral values ​​of religion.
  2. Implementing planned science, technology and humanities products carried out by the academic community of Airlangga University for the benefit of society.
  3. Developing community service education and training programs for the community that are based on the results of service and that are relevant to the needs of the community.
  4. Increase and develop partnerships and cooperation networks both internally, nationally and internationally in an effective, efficient and open manner.

Purpose of Research and Community Services Unit

  1. Building a service-oriented academic culture, supported by technical skills in the application of science and technology and humanities based on individual and / or group expertise.

  2. Opening up opportunities for the realization of the transfer of science and technology and humanities by the academic community for the benefit of society.

  3. Opening opportunities for partnerships and networks of cooperation, both internally and externally, at the national and international levels for the benefit of community development.

Organizational Structure

Direktur Sekolah Pascasarjana Universitas Airlangga
Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco, S.E., MBA., Ph.D

Penanggung Jawab:

Wakil Direktur – Bidang Akademik, Mahasiswa dan Alumni
Dr. Rudi Purwono, S.E., M.SE

Wakil Direktur – Bidang Riset, Pengabdian Masyarakat, Digitalisasi dan Internasionalisasi
Dr. H. Suparto Wijoyo, S.H., M.Hum


Wakil Direktur – Bidang Sumberdaya dan Informasi
Prof. Dr. Rr. Sri Pantja Madyawati, drh., M.Si

Bendahara Anggota:
Asmaul Chusnah, SH.

Zuyyina Choirunnisa, SM. MSM.

Wilda Prihatiningtyas, SH. MH.


  1. Dwi Candra Buana, Skep. Ns. M.Imun.
  2. Edi Juwono, SH.

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Sekolah Pascasarjana
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Surabaya 60286

Email: adm@pasca.unair.ac.id
Telp: (+62 31) 5041566, 5041536

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