The 11th Best University in the World Invites UNAIR to Create Successful Businessmen

The 11th Best University in the World Invites UNAIR to create successful businessmen

News UNAIR Postgraduate School, February 22 2023 – the National University of Singapore, the 11th largest campus in the world based on QS WUR data, paid a visit to Universitas Airlangga. Director of NUS Enterprise, Prof. Yue Chee Yoon came along with the team, Claire Cheong, Head of the NUS Enterprise program and Jessie Hoo, Senior Manager, NUS Enterprise, excitedly offering two of NUS Enterprise’s mainstay programs that have succeeded in producing successful business founders, even world class.

The two programs are the Master of Science in Venture Creation-Scholarship and the Summer Program in Entrepreneurship. What do they actually do? The answer is to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem. They provide a place for business-minded people to form “entrepreneurial friendships” through developing talent, building global I&E gateways and creating deep technology ventures. In short, NUS Enterprise sells experiences that bring prospective business people throughout the entrepreneurial process in a diverse environment (global network).

The Summer Program in Entrepreneurship is basically part of the agenda in the MSc in Venture Creation. The fee that students need to pay at the master’s level is 50,000 Singapore dollars, however, the opportunity is also open if you only want to take a summer program that costs 5,000 Singapore dollars.

Understanding the possibility of financial challenges, NUS cooperates with LPDP, providing opportunities through financial assistance. Dr. Agam Bayu Suryanto, Head of Cooperation and Scholarship Development Division of the Ministry of Finance, stated that he continues to be committed to sending Indonesian students to study at the world’s top universities. Thus, on the basis of this collaboration, the MSc in Venture Creation registration at the National University of Singapore through the LPDP scheme was extended until February 28, 2023.

Indeed, this was very much welcomed by Universitas Airlangga, in this case the Director of UNAIR Postgraduate School, Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco, SE., MBA., Ph.D. accompanied by Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Students and Alumni, Prof. Rudi Purwono, SE., MSE. And Deputy Director for Resources, Prof. Sri Pantjamadyawati and staff at UNAIR Postgraduate School.

He stated that personally, he paid great attention to this extraordinary opportunity and would be followed up by looking for the best UNAIR graduates, including at the postgraduate level to take part in the two programs. He added that actually, there will be a lot of things that can be collaborated by these two institutions in the future.

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