Public Lecture, Evan Indrawijaya MBA, Experienced HR Professional: Managing People in Turbulent Times

Postgraduate School of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a Public Lecture on Saturday, June 5, 2021. This Public Lecture was divided into 3 sessions, and today is the first session with the title, MANAGING PEOPLE PERFORMANCE IN TURBULENT TIMES. Present as a speaker is Evan Indrawijaya, S.E., M.BA who is known as a veteran in the HR field and former Director of Leading MNCs in Indonesia.

Regarding human resources (HR), Evan explained that not all human resources have the same needs at work. Some HR requires specific support by the agency so that performance can be optimal. Leaders are not only smart in leading but also understand and can meet the needs of HR because HR does not work solely for the sake of the leadership. In addition, the leader as the spearhead must have expertise on several skills at once to adapt to various situations.

The rapid development of technology affects the work system globally, which also affects the mindset of the new generation of human resources. Millennial generation of HR and digital natives who are starting to enter the job market are now very different in their mindset and character compared to the old generation of HR. The new generation of HR is now more critical of the performance of leaders and the company’s treatment of HR as a whole. Evan also argues that the problem with the leadership in the company is the lack of trust from the subordinates which can make the execution of the company’s plans out of sync.

He also assessed that the idealism of the old company compared to the new company that continues to grow has several things. These factors are the lack of involvement of subordinates in company decision-making, employees who are less developed in the world of work, rigid time, and workplace. While new companies provide flexibility in work, especially in time and place of work, how to complete work targets, highly varied tasks in teamwork, and employee involvement in decision making. Evan also believes that in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, the company environment must change, not only from the subordinates but also from the top management.

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