College Orchestration, Realizing Sustainable Energy “Saving the Life of the Future”

Airlangga Forum Podcast, 15 Feb 2021 Energy is the result of nature that we then use to provide for human life to be sustainable in life. In addition, the care of nature that produces energy is very necessary. So to revive awareness in preparing for the transformation of future energy, The Graduate School of Airlangga University held An Airlangga Education Expo themed “Orchestration of Higher Education To Realize Sustainable Energy To Save The Life of the Future”. The event was filled by Ignasius Jonan, SE, CA, MA (Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources 2016-2019, and Minister of Transportation 2014-2016), Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco Ph. D (Director of The Graduate School of Airlangga University), Assoc. Suparto W (Moderator Airlangga Forum).

In this forum Ignasius Jonan hopes that the University in Indonesia is expected to be a generation that can transform the energy that will become the energy of the future. Every child of the nation must realize that sustainable energy is aimed at mankind. Therefore, he is very hopeful that universities in Indonesia can encourage the development of sustainable energy for the future.

Some opinions from Ignasius Jonan about the sentence quoted from the Governor of the Central Bank of America “We’re not going back to the same economy” that we will not return to the original economy as before this pandemic, but this pandemic that will be endemic. Human activities globally make the imbalance of nature caused by the imbalance of natural ecosystems themselves. Global warming, tremendous increases in pollution are part of the imbalance of human-made natural ecosystems globally.

Some coastal areas in Indonesia are victims of global warming. Rob water flood that occurred in Bedono Village, Sayungan Subdistrict, Demak Regency drowned one village inhabited by approximately 200 families. Rob water flood threat not only occurs in the north, but also on the east coast of Sumatra and parts of Kalimantan, especially West and South. Excessive peatland conversion in Kalimantan resulted in a decrease in soil surface. He also explained that sustainable energy is needed, especially new and renewed energy to reduce pollution in order to reduce the increase in sea level and minimize global warming gradually.

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