Prophet Muhammad SAW, The Super Manager

Airlangga Forum Podcast, 5 Mar 2021 – The event isra’ mi’raj Prophet Muhammad SAW is a major event for the history of Muslims where the prophet Muhammad SAW traveled to the sky to sidratul muntaha. To commemorate isra’ mi’raj Prophet Muhammad SAW then The Graduate School of Airlangga University held an interactive talk seminar welcoming isra’ mi’raj prophet Muhammad SAW with the theme “Prophet Muhammad SAW Super Manager”. The event was attended by Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco (Director of The Graduate School of Airlangga University), Dr. Muhammad Nafik (Chairman of the Business Development Board of Startup and Incubation of Airlangga University), Dr. Muhammad Madyan (Vice Rector of Resources of UNAIR), Prof. H. Biyanto (Sunan Ampel State Islamic University), and Suparto Wijoyo (Wadir III graduate school of Airlangga University and Host of Airlangga Forum).

Some of the speakers who gave his opinion on how the Prophet Muhammad SAW became a super manager. According to Dr. Muhammad Madyan, honesty is the main capital in business such as the Prophet Muhammad SAW. In addition, Dr. Muhammad Madyan also argues that the parenting pattern of the Prophet Muhammad SAW since childhood that makes him have a pattern of trust and innovative leadership. The four attributes of the Prophet Muhammad SAW are the basis of rasullullah SAW success in trading. One of the qualities of fathonah in the Prophet Muhammad SAW makes him an innovative entrepreneur.

On the other hand, Prof. Biyanto argues that making the Prophet Muhammad SAW like a wide-open book like an encyclopedia by making the Prophet Muhammad SAW as the subject of study and transparency of life. The existence of the prophet Muhammad SAW is not only for Muslims, but for all mankind. Conscientiousness is the key to a leader’s success.

According to Dr. Muhammad Nafik, planting basic thinking of becoming a leader early is a major investment for children’s education. We can take the example of The Prophet Muhammad SAW who shepherded goats since he was six years old who then practiced trading at the age of twelve years.  Thousands of years ago the way the Prophet Muhammad SAW traded and led his people. The accuracy of the Prophet Muhammad SAW remains a study and transparency until now.

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