Master Program in Immunology

About Master Program in Immunology

Immunology is a Master’s tiered education program inaugurated by the Director General of Higher Education based on DECREE no. 593/DIKTI/Kep/1993, dated November 4, 1993.

Master of Immunology is the only Immunology study program in Indonesia located at the Graduate School of Airlangga University, plays a role in the development of independent, creative, innovative human resources and mastering science and technology in the field of immunology that is multidisciplinary and able to compete at the National and International level, which adheres to religious ethics and morals.

Study can be adjusted to your career path in the future. Immunology as a multi discipline science is able to produce competent graduates in the fields you are interested in such as: Lecturer, Researcher, Entrepreneurship, Communicator, Health Workers, Care Provider, Community Leader, Decision Maker, Manager and others.

The implementation of the new curriculum structure gives you the opportunity to complete your studies with a period of 1.5 years. This 3 Semester program is ideal for graduates or professionals of Master of Immunology who come from multidisciplinary sciences. 

Immunology is supported by health equipment, especially laboratory which is sophisticated to support the practicum process as well as research such as in Institute Tropical Disease (ITD). Dr. Soetomo Hospital. Universitas Airlangga Hospital, Research center FKG UNAIR, Department of Microbiology and Parasitology UNAIR, Laboratory of Animal Biochemistry Try FK UNAIR, Pathology and Anatomy FK UNAIR, Biomol FK, Pathology and Anatomy FKH UNAIR, and Laboratory virology and stem cell.

Advantages of Master Program in Immunology

  1. Master of Immunology is the only study program in Indonesia
  2. Master of Immunology has been accredited Nationally (BAN-PT) A
  3. Multidisciplinary Science
  4. Studying in Immunology brings you the opportunity to join the research lecturers
  5. Join the Community Service which is one part of education at Airlangga University to achieve World Class University
  6. Study with lecturers and researchers who will prepare you to become a researcher who is able to create new breakthroughs globally.
  7. Improving your career through capacity building as a leader, teacher, researcher and entrepreneurship obtained during the learning process.
  8. Enjoy learning collaborations with fellow domestic and international students.
  9. Scholarships for International (Inbound) students from several countries.
  10. Outbound Student Scholarships to add insight, international experience and explore the outside world.
  11. You have the opportunity to participate in various international conferences every year both as presenters and participants.
  12. Routinely held seminars in the framework of World Immunology Day on April 29 every year.

Learning Process in Master Program of Immunology

  1. Lecture with case method and experimental method
  2. Practicum at Airlangga University Research Laboratory, Health Laboratory and Hospital
  3. Workshop
  4. Short Course
  5. Tutorials
  6. Guest Lecture
  7. Online studies
  8. True experimental study using human and animal samples
  9. National and International Seminar (World Immunology Day)
  10. Workshop
  11. Community Services

Modules in Master Program of Immunology

For details in english, kindly contact school administrator

Potential Careers for Graduates of Master Program in Immunology


Master’s graduates who master the concept of science and immunotechnology in the field of immunology are multidisciplinary in the field of education.


An innovative and creative researcher in the field of multidisciplinary immunology and able to publish both National and International based immunology and immunotechnology.


A person engaged in public health services such as general practitioners, specialists, veterinarians, dentists, nurses, Medical Laboratory Technology Experts (ATLM), Medical Experts, Nutritionists, Pharmacists and others.


Someone in the process of applying innovation and creativity in creating something, both in public and private sector.


Have the ability to express opinions, ideas in the Field of Immunology about the development of diseases, both infectious and non-infectious diseases, and develop technology in efforts to prevent and develop immunotherapy from a disease to the community.


Able to provide services to the community, through the development of science and technology, especially in the development of disease prevention.


Have the ability to make decisions in solving problems in the field of immunology, especially determining the quality and validity of research results oriented to the development of vaccines and diagnostic kits.


Have the ability to lead the work unit / research laboratory, which includes management, operations and development that is adjusted to the dynamic needs of the community.


Able to manage and develop research laboratories in an effort to produce a bioproduct.

Professor and Lecturer in Master Program of Immunology

Program Coordinator of Master Program in Immunology

  1. Prof. Dr. Theresia Indah Budhy S, drg., M.Kes

Professor and Lecturer in Master Program of Immunology

  1. Prof. Dr. Theresia Indah Budhy S, drg., M.Kes
  2. Prof. Dr. Jusak Nugraha, dr, MS, Sp.PK(K)
  3. Prof. Dr. Yoes Prijatna Dachlan, dr., M.Sc., Sp. Park
  4. Prof. Dr. Retno Handajani, dr., M.S., Ph.D
  5. Prof. Dr. I Ketut Sudiana, Drs
  6. Prof. Dr. Fedik A Rantam, drh
  7. Prof. Dr. Ni Nyoman Tri P, Dra., M.Si
  8. Prof. Dr.Harianto Notopuro,dr.,M.S.
  9. Prof. Dr. A. Retno Pudji Rahayu, drg., M.Kes
  10. Prof. Dr. Erry Gumilar,dr,SpOG.KFER
  11. Prof. Dr. Joewono Soeroso,dr.SpPD K.R
  12. Prof. Dr. Boerhan Hidajat,dr,SpAK
  13. Prof. Dr. Anwar Ma’ruf,drh.,M.Kes
  14. Prof. Dr. Made Mertaningsih,dr,M.S,Sp.MK
  15. Prof. Dr. Aryati, dr., M.S., SpPK
  16. Dr. Muhammad Adib,Drs,M.A
  17. Dr. Anggraeni Dwi S, dr., Sp.Rad (K)
  18. Ninuk Hariyani,drg,M.Kes.,Ph.D
  19. Dr. Retno Palupi, drg., M.Kes
  20. Dr.Budi Utomo,dr.,M.Kes
  21. Dr.Rebekah I.Setiabudi,dr,M.Si
  22. Dr. Retno Indrawati, drg., MS
  23. Sukmawati Basuki,dr,M.Sc
  24. Ira Arundina,drg,M.S
  25. Dr. Pratiwi Soesilowati, drg., M.Kes
  26. Heny Arwati, Dra., M.Sc., Ph.D
  27. Dr. Hartono Kahar, dr., MQIH
  28. Dr. Bambang Purwanto, dr., M.Kes
  29. Dr. Pudji Lestari, dr., M.Kes
  30. Dr. Gatot Soegiarto, dr., Sp.PD., K-AI
  31. Dr. Ferdiansyah, dr., SpOT
  32. Dr. Sri Wigati Mardi Mulyani, drg., M.Kes
  33. Dr. Jola Rahmahani, M.Kes., drh
  34. Dr. Willy Sandhika, dr., M.Si., Sp.PA (K)
  35. Dr. Hani Plumeriastuti, drh.,M.Kes

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