Master in Police Science

About the Master Program in Police Science

The Master Program of Police Science (S2 KIK) is a Study Program at the Post Graduate School of Airlangga University that offers education in the field of Police Science. This is based on a social phenomenon in the paradigm of law enforcement, closely related to the influence of the community, which is the scope of police studies that become the learning curriculum in this Program.

Master Program of Police Science is expected to produce graduates who have knowledge and information on the development and influence of police science, answering all law enforcement issues in the community.

The Master Program of Police Science is not only intended for members of the State Police of the Republic of Indonesia, but also intended for the public in general, such as Members of Parliament, Civil Servant Investigators (PPNS), State Civil Apparatus, Pamong Praja Police, Entrepreneurs, Bank Officials / Employees, academics as well as researchers and observers who study the study of the police.

Vision of Master Program in Police Science 

  • To be the center of Academic Excellence in the field of Indonesian Police Science, which is independent, innovative, leading in the regional and international level, a pioneer of the development of science, based on morals and religion in the face of challenges that exist in society, with respect to social issues, security, crime and justice.

Mission of Master Program in Police Science 

  1. Organizing Education in the field of Police Science, that is able to produce students who have quality academic ability
  2. Producing Master of Science graduates who excel, have high academic ability, creative, dynamic, professional and highly competitive, as well as develop and apply police science to improve the quality of life of the community.
  3. Conducting legal research to support the development of education and community service.
  4. Seeking independence in the implementation of Tri Dharma Indonesian University through the development of institutional management, oriented to quality and national competitive ability.

The Advantages studying in Master Program of Police Science

Producing graduates who have applicative insights about the police profession, so that community services can run optimally.

Flexible studying time, flexible to be adjusted with the needs of students

UNAIR has signed an agreement with POLRI, so that the knowledge provided is not only based on theory, but also considering the empirical dynamics of the worldwide police practice


1.Intelligence Analyst
3.Fire Supervisors and Investigators
4.Intelligence Police and Military
5.Detectives and Investigators
6.Director of Emergency Management
7.Forensic Science Technician
8.Reserse Police
9.Ministry of Justice
11.Government Agencies

Professor and Lecturer

Program Coordinator

Professor and Lecturer

  • Faculty member within the Master Program of Police science is a Lecturer with the rank of Professor or with minimum doctoral education qualifications, and functional officials in the State Police of the Republic of Indonesia

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