Master in Forensic Science

About the Master in Forensic Science

Vision of Master Program in Forensic Science 

  • To be the Center for Master of Forensic Sciences, which is  independent, innovative, leading regionally , pioneer of the development of science and technology in the field of forensics, that adheres to the Ethics and morals of Religion.

Mission of Master Program in Forensic Science 

  1. Producing graduates who have knowledge and have high academic ability, creative, dynamic, professional and highly competitive.
  2. Conducting basic research, applied and innovative policy research, to support the development of education and community service.
  3. To devote expertise in the fields of science, technology, humanities and art to the community.
  4. Seeking independence in the implementation of Tri Dharma Indonesian Higher Education, through the development of institutional management, oriented to quality and regional competitive capabilities.

The Advantages of Studying in Master of Forensic Science

Produce graduates who are competent in identifying, testing, and evaluating relevant physical evidence for criminal investigations and prosecutions

The only Study Program of Forensic Science in Indonesia

Studying with Professors and Lecturers from various faculties (FK, FKG, FF, FH, and FST) so as to offer a variety of perspectives from multi-disciplinary


Forensic scientists
Analytical chemist
Laboratory technicians
Criminal justice

Professors and Lecturer

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