Campus Building Village “My Beloved Village Calls”

Airlangga Forum Podcast, 19 Mar 2021 – Currently there are some areas that are left behind from the word forward, especially in Madura precisely in Sampang Regency. On the other hand, areas with high productivity independence are also expanding. To increase the productivity of the village, the Graduate School of Airlangga University held an Airlangga Education Expo themed “My Village That I Love To Call”. This Educational Forum was filled by several speakers such as Drs. H. Abdul Halim Iskandar (Minister of Villages, Development, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration), Badrut Tamam (Regent of Pamekasan), Prof. Muhammad Nasih (Rector of Airlangga University), Prof. Badri Munir S. (Director of The Graduate School of Airlangga University), Assoc. Prof. Suparto W. (Deputy Director III of Airlangga University Graduate School).

In terms of development itself Drs. H. Abdul Halim Iskandar argues that, the development program in an area is not based on a desire, but based on a problem. He also presented the background of the village SDGs in accordance with the direction of President Joko Widodo on October 22, 2019. The President’s directive stated that village funds have not been felt by the villagers, especially the lower classes. In addition, village funds should really focus on village development. To fulfill all village programs that will be implemented, then we need the right data falidation to create a work program that produces successful development and welfare.

On the other hand, according to Prof. Badri Sukoco to improve the economy in a region, then we need to increase productivity that was lacking in economic productivity for the better. For example, in opening tourism in improving the economy of local people. Ecosystem in the opening of tourism in an area will certainly make everyone in the area itself participate. In addition to the role of the community, the role of universities here is also needed in economic development. As is the case with financial management, health protocol regulations, and marketing management.

Productivity development in the village in Pamekasan district can be an example that has several targets, as Mr. Badrut Tamam as the regent of Sampang explained. By creating a working field for the community to become the independence of the village, not only self-reliance in the field of entrepreneurship, but in terms of education by providing scholarships for underprivileged people to continue their schooling to the next level of education.

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