Intl. Public Lecture with Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed, Univ Newcastle Australia: Disaster Risk Reduction & Management

News of UNAIR Postgraduate School, 7 Sep 2021 – Airlangga University Postgraduate School again held the Airlangga Forum. In this discussion forum. Airlangga Forum raised a theme, namely the Introduction to Terms and Concepts in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. Present as a speaker as well as a resource person in this discussion were Prof. Ahmed (University of Newcastle).

Talking about his opinion which leads to a global perspective on disasters, according to Prof. Ahmed disaster itself can strike anywhere, especially in the East Asia region, followed by Europe, Central America and South America, then in the African region. In addition to the disasters that hit, of course there are also several countries that have begun to manage disasters from various aspects. He also said that, in developed countries themselves, on average, they have a record of high losses due to disasters that occur directly, such as the impact of earthquakes and floods. While the countries that have the least damage are in the African region.

As a disaster management effort, of course the local government has several programs related to disaster management quickly and surely. But Prof. Ahmed argues that much of the misappropriation of funds will later be assumed for disaster victims. This kind of behavior has become commonplace in the departments of several countries, even things that were previously helpful in terms of humanity have become a disaster in their own right within these government departments. As a country, of course, there are several parties who should establish an organization that is useful for disaster victims and this is a definite volunteer action.

In addition to seeing from that side, he also discussed how to anticipate a disaster, which of course we will not know when the disaster will occur. Land control or supervision of certain areas which certainly have the potential for a disaster to occur. Analyzing several areas that have inadequate natural structures and arrangements and then controlling various human-made wastes can make it easier for various parties to anticipate and even avoid the occurrence of a disaster.

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