Intl. Public Lecture with Dr Denis Ushakov, Univ Suan Sunandha Rajabhat, Bangkok Thailand: New Approaches in New Reality

News of UNAIR Postgraduate School , 30 Sep 2021 – Airlangga University Postgraduate School again held a webinar with the theme for this webinar, namely “New Approaches in New Realities”. Present as a resource person as well as a speaker at this webinar, Prof. Denis Ushakov

According to information in various news media, developments in the decline in the number of COVID-19 are decreasing slowly, besides that there is a high possibility that this pandemic will become endemic. Major changes in various aspects of life will certainly determine the future. Prof. Denis is not talking about who is the strongest or the smartest who will survive, but for those who can read change and manage it very well. Especially in several regulations for employees who during 2021 have a remote work system, changes or transformations that are in accordance with the current conditions have a very different effect from the usual procedure.

There needs to be a change where according to Prof. Denis has several parts. First, namely flexibility in everything, then building effective and flexible remote work procedures from home or what we usually call work from home, then carrying out technical communication by relying on various digital tools in technical work, then controlling the emotions of employees which later need to eliminate relatively complex tasks that are a factor in causing stagnation and professional degradation. In addition to making changes to activities, during a pandemic like today, of course, brand promotion is also part of the company’s strategy during the pandemic, sometimes employees are more active on social media networks so as to promote the company through employees while increasing reputation status among customers and company employees. In addition, seeing the situation of employees by controlling employee stress is one step to strengthen relationships within the team by finding out what our employees care about, and how our decisions affect employee performance.

There is a lot that is unexpected in the world of work, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where for years companies have looked at freelancers. According to Prof. Denis himself, a freelancer, has a high rate for further development. In Europe alone, according to him, 64% of full-time employees are looking for part-time jobs, but they are more involved as freelancers or what we call freelancers.

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