Intl. Lecture with Prof. Michael Faure, Univ Maastricht, Netherland: Environmental Law & Policy for Developing Country

News of UNAIR Postrgaduate School, 31 Aug 2021 – UNAIR Postgraduate School again held the Airlangga Forum with the theme The Development of an Environmental Law and Policy for Developing Countries. Present as a speaker this time was Prof. Michael Faure (Comparative Private Law and Economics Comparative and International Environment Law, Maastricht University Netherland.

According to the opinions and aspirations conveyed by him, Prof. Michael is of the opinion that some of the regulations implemented are inappropriate or irrelevant in some developing countries. However, in some developed countries it is very relevant when the regulation is applied. As is the case in several countries in Europe and America. 

In addition, legal transplantation is still running today and is even used in several countries in the world. In a sense, some countries that were colonized by other countries during the Second World War still enforced or enforced the laws that were in effect in the colonial era. Regulations may not be a matter of old or not, but how these regulations or laws are still relevant in the eyes of the government and for the welfare of the people.

Talking about the transplantation of state laws and regulations, it is necessary to make adjustments to the surrounding environment regarding the implementation of these laws before they are passed. It is not enough to make assumptions, we even need to do research that proves that the regulations are relevant and prosperous. Prosperity here is the interaction between law and the environment. 

The environment is a place for humans to live, but over time, of course, economic development also has shortcomings in the environmental sphere, such as the higher the economic level, the more levels of air police. Here we see a legal ecosystem that should be balanced turns out to be unbalanced. To make a relevant law, the environment in question must enter the ecosystem, so that the regulation is in accordance with what the community wants.

In addition, as the host who makes his own land for infrastructure development. There needs to be a law that regulates the environment that can help enforce and develop the law as best as possible. So that the balance between the development of law and the environment continues to be balanced. So a good ecosystem certainly produces good progress.

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