Executive Training PT PJB with Dian Ekowati PhD. – UNAIR : Leadership Skill

News of UNAIR Postgraduate School, 30 Jun 2021 – Postgraduate School of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) through its human resource development agency, namely the Executive Learning Hub (ELH), held a training for PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB), a subsidiary company of PT PLN for 8 sessions. This session comes with the topic, Entrepreneurship & Business Thinking. Present as the main speaker, namely Dian Ekowati from UNAIR. This session held on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Dian said that today’s environment demands something extraordinary from the organization. To understand behavior in an organization, we must understand the ecology/environment of the organization itself. The environment here means the whole system that interacts with the ecosystem in an organization that affects the existence of the organization.

He also stated that environmental changes, such as the SDGs, require attention from company management. The threat of substitute products, such as products that are more environmentally friendly, can affect system changes in the organization in the company. In addition, the coming of the era of society 5.0 requires companies to balance and synergize aspects of the environment, community rights, health, and government interests in company operations.

Dian also mentioned large companies that have difficulty adjusting to the sudden changes of the times. Organizations that have remained difficult to adapt for several reasons. First, HR in the organization as decision-makers must be able to change the mindset according to the latest culture. This is difficult for large companies, where changes in work culture are difficult to do, even though it is not following the context of the current work environment.

Second, information is very easily accessible due to the invasion of digital devices and artificial intelligence. Therefore, companies and organizations that have limited access to information will become extinct in the market competition. The third is very large investments made by large companies. This causes if there is something that is no longer relevant to the times it will be difficult to throw it away because perhaps, the company has invested a large amount of their capital.

Therefore, the leader is the key in the organization to survive. Leaders must be able to involve HR as the center of all policymaking in the organization. This is so that HR productivity can increase because they feel they have been involved in the running of the organization or company.

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