Day-4, International Online Summer School, 30 May – 3 Jun 2022: Rahmat Pramono, Retired Ambassador of Indonesia in Nur-sultan, Kazakhstan

Lecture 8: “The Challenge to Multilateralism post COVID-19: ASEAN Experience” by Rahmat Pramono, Retired Ambassador of Indonesia in Nur-sultan, Kazakhstan.

News of UNAIR Postgraduate School, 2 Jun 2022 – COVID-19 impacted every aspect in all around the world. First its impact the health sector and later on impact other aspects, including the economic aspect. Hence why we found many human life deceased cases and the decreasing number on public consumption and trade. And the increasing numbers of health-related waste also has been the negative effects. Those has been the negative side of this tragic pandemic. But on the other hand, the pandemic actually gave some positive impacts. In environmental sector, the pollution has been decreased because of the lockdown policy. But frankly this is only can be sustain for short period of time.
Then, how its impact ASEAN? ASEAN has been impacted as hard as the other. The decreasing number of employments, financial difficulties, decreasing number of public consumptions are some of it. More fore, the tourism of ASEAN also has been bleeding. The policy to closed all border has giving a huge blown to the ASEAN tourism. It’s one of the highlighted because many ASEAN countries relied on tourism as their main sources of national income. On the health sector, many countries also have been experienced some difficulty on accessing the vaccine. Because not every country has same power and resources, the access to vaccine has involved in to a disparity one. This event also happens among the ASEAN countries.
In order to overcome this issue, ASEAN has been made a number of policies. This event been occurred from the start of the pandemic. ASEAN has opened coordination room through dialogues and partnership. ASEAN also has been established a guidelines and advices on how ASEAN handling the COVID-19 pandemic by learning from the past (in this case, SARS outbreak back in 2002). This has made the ASEAN remain stand firm and prevail as a solid regionalism during this sad times.

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