Caring for Tolerance, Welcoming Ramadan

Caring for Tolerance, Welcoming Ramadan

Podcast Airlangga Forum, 19 Mar 2021 – Tolerance and bonding become a necessity in the modern era as it is today. As has been conveyed Sayyidini Ali, that later at its peak the brotherhood will be bound by human relations. One of the keys to successful development is good religious harmony. Therefore, The Graduate School of Airlangga University held a discussion forum Airlangga forum themed “Caring for Tolerance, Welcoming Ramadan”. Several speakers were present here to fill this event such as K.H Yaqut Cholil Qoumas (Minister of Religious Affairs), Prof. Muhammad Nasih (Rector of Airlangga University), Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco (Postgraduate Director of Airlangga University), and Suparto Wijoyo (Wadir III Graduate School of Airlangga University and Host of Airlangga Forum).

In terms of tolerance K.H Yaqut Cholil Qoumas expressed his opinion that Ramadan is a holy month to worship. But the Prophet Muhammad SAW does not recommend stopping our obligation to work, but also does not advocate exaggeration in worship. Then how to strengthen tolerance and harmony. In strengthening tolerance and harmony, strengthening religious moderation is one of the programs that has been placed in the Ministry of Religious Affairs in 2014-2019 by Mr. Luqman Hakim Syaifudin as a development program in the national medium term period 2020-2024. In addition, the establishment of a beta path of religious moderation that is currently still in the process of drafting by the president then later became a guideline of the ministry of religion and local government.

Every human being is created differently, just like Indonesia which has a variety of tribes, cultures, and religions. K.H Yaqut Cholil Qoumas also added that tolerance is the key to living together and side by side in terms of differences, let alone differences in treatment and discrimination based on religious differences. He also realized that religion should be an inspiration in strengthening tolerance and harmony.

On the other hand, according to Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco, tolerance in an economic perspective is one of the conditions for economic development that can later build a creative economic class that spearheads the economic development of a country. Tolerance is a condition that must be maintained by the government to develop creative classes and foster creative economic development.

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