Airlangga Forum with The Regent of Mojokerto: The Role of Women in the Economic Sector

News of UNAIR Postgraduate School, 16 Jul 2021 – The Postgraduate School of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a regular webinar AIRLANGGA FORUM on Friday, July 16, 2021. This time the webinar came with the topic, WOMEN AND TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP: LEARNING FROM THE MOJOKERTO MAYOR. Present as speakers were Ika Puspitasari as Mayor of Mojokerto, Prof. Zuhairah Ariff Bint Abd. Gadas as Dean of the Faculty of Law UNISZA Malaysia, Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco as Director of UNAIR Postgraduate School, and Suparto Wijoyo as Deputy Director III of UNAIR Postgraduate School represented by Prawira Thalib.

Ika stated that the governance of Mojokerto needs to be integrated with digitalization so that public services are transparent, accountable, and on target. Regarding the management of Mojokerto, she believes that Mojokerto does not have abundant natural resources, where cultural empowerment is an advantage for Mojokerto. The cultural heritage of the former Majapahit kingdom has become a tourist attraction. In addition, arts and cultural events continue to be held every year to empower artists and craftsmen. In line with this, Prawira believed that there are still sectors that continue to work despite the pandemic era. This is to keep creating the latest breakthroughs that can be a solution during a pandemic.

Meanwhile, Zuhairah argued that Malaysia was ranked 97th as a country with the contribution of women in the economic sector. In addition, women also dominate careers in higher education institutions, around 56%. Just like the current Regent of Mojokerto, where women are as regional leaders, the role of women in various sectors must be increased by increasing the capabilities of women, so that they can compete in society. She argued that Malaysia’s strategy in enhancing the role of women goes through three stages. 

The first is to increase public understanding of gender equality through the bureaucracy, private agencies, and community leaders. The second stage is to provide a program to improve the quality of women, especially for the labor market. The third stage is educating the public on the importance of the role of women in various economic sectors through seminars and workshops at government institutions, educational institutions, and stakeholders.

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