Airlangga Forum Podcast: Pandemic that Attacks on Economics Field

Almost a year we have been in a pandemic situation that is caused by corona virus attacking the world. Various things have happened and made significant changes for all life aspects. The economic field is one of the affected field by the Covid-19. Compiled from, the Vice President of Republic of Indonesia stated that the production capacity, consumption rate, and investment always decrease and even get weakened until the second quarter of 2020. The economy growth in Indonesia is recorded negative 5,32 percent. Not only that, the unemployment rate also increases up to 6,9 percent, and for about 3,5 percent is caused by the work termination during the pandemic situation. This condition has become a severe problem. As goes hand in hand with its purpose to find solutions for the nation problems, on Tuesday (22/12), Airlangga Forum hold a discussion forum carrying out a theme “Reflect on 2020 and 2021 Projection: Economics After Pandemic”. This 6th edition of Airlangga Forum invited various guests such as Dr. H. Soekarwo, Prof. Mohammad Nasih, Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco, and was hosted by Assoc. Prof. Suparto Wijoyo.

Dr. H. Soekarwo, who now works as a member of President Advisory Council of Republic of Indonesia, started the discussion by describing data about economic impact that happens in this pandemic situation. Compared to the previous period in the same year and to recover the economy condition, the strategy that should be done is to increase the consumption in middle and low class, develop the digital economy especially in small micro medium enterprises (UMKM) that has a role for about 60.4% in gross domestic, the increasing and convenience of investment through the Sovereign Wealth Fund regulated on Government Regulations (PP) number 74 in 2020.

The rector of Universitas Airlangga, Prof. Nasih, stated that the Indonesia economic structure and building are seen through the export-import of medicine also vaccines. This shows that Indonesia still depends on outsiders. Unair, through the Rector, as an educational institution stated its readiness to do various things if it has chances and supports from the central government. He also stated that when Unair announced that it has several compound and medicine combination, there were some increase in several stock price. This can wishfully bring trust to citizens to have positive mindset and to be enthusiastic in facing the pandemic situation.             The Director of Postgraduate School Universitas Airlangga, Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco, stated that even the economy situation in this pandemic era tends to be weakened, we still have some positive things such as the citizen can be more creative and innovative, eliminating the feeling of inability of doing something by doing researches and creating medicine, vaccines, or breathing aids, such as ventilator and mask. Although it is relatively only in a little scale, those things should be appreciated. This shows that there are still some blessings behind every problem that happen.

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