Airlangga Forum : Service Bureaucracy

News UNAIR Postgraduate School, 16 Oct 2022 – Simply, if the government is good, it can be clearly seen from the community and the region. The Regent of Lamongan, alumni of the Doctoral Human Resource Development Postgraduate School of Airlangga University, Dr. Yuhronur Efendi, MBA spoke about the provisions he gave to bureaucratic employees. “Giving motivation to bureaucrats regarding the quality of human resources will be proportional to the increase in performance. We encourage increasing knowledge through education.” He believes that in fact there is no bureaucracy that does not want to give satisfaction to the community. “With the spirit of ‘PROUD TO SERVE’, we must be aware of what we will get from implementing this,” he added.

With the principle of the widest possible autonomy, it is hoped that various kinds of assets owned by a city or region can also be used as widely as possible for the welfare of the community. Head of Surabaya City Inspectorate, Dr. Ikhsan S.Psi., MM emphasized the importance of full service to the community in order to improve the community’s economy. Representing Surabaya, he hopes for a “joint synergy as a common house.”

This is what is called the ‘collective ambition of the nation’. The Director of UNAIR Graduate School who studies Transformative Leadership, Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco underlined the importance of this ambition being broadcast massively so that the energy of the nation’s children is focused on national goals and to be able to achieve Indonesia’s status as a developed country in the future.

Regarding services, AIRFOR 103 has successfully invited Dr. Andik Fadjar Tjahjono, Drs., M.Si who firmly stated the duties of the members of the council. “We provide services to the community by facilitating the members of the council to collect the aspirations of the community so that these aspirations can be conveyed to the executive and can be beneficial to the community,” he explained.

The weekly forum in this edition has reaped a lot of positive responses, not a few of them judging by the gathering of leaders who have been entrusted with increasing the prosperity of the community, they can learn best practices from each so that they inspire each other for regional progress.

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