Airlangga Forum : Highlighting Radio’s Role in The Development of Higher Education

Airlangga University Postgraduate School again held the Airlangga Forum in collaboration with Radio media. In this discussion, the Airlangga Forum raised the theme HIGHLIGHTING THE ROLE OF RADIO IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF HIGHER EDUCATION. There were several speakers such as Prof. Bambang Sektiari, Mistam S. Sos. M. Si, Dr. Suko Widodo, Ahmad Eko Basuki, and Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco.

Several informants expressed their opinions about the role of radio in education, which of course continues to exist in its role. In terms of its own use, radio should be able to be improved in addition to strict regulations during the current COVID-19 pandemic. So that people can access accurate and reliable information. There needs to be intensive intervention from the parties concerned for the development of the role of radio.

Development in the field of information in higher education is certainly needed. Some media need to provide information that has a public oriental purpose with partners from universities, provincial, district or city governments. So that people get balanced information and news. Radio has its own identity and characteristics in the midst of increasingly advanced media, in fact radio has a more unique personality compared to other information platforms. In addition, radio also continues to move to follow the development of media technology as well as continue to move on YouTube media and other media to continue to develop following media developments.

According to Prof. Dr. Bambang, radio development will remain active if the community continues to feel the benefits. He also said that UNAIR will also be useful if its Tri Dharma continues to be used as the fulcrum in every movement of its program. As stated, the exploration of research development that becomes important information for the community comes from universities so that radio has an important role here in the field of learning good information for the community.

Besides that, Prof. Badri also said that universities would certainly support and collaborate in order to jointly improve radio information. As we know that many media platforms currently have unclear sources and there are many hoaxes circulating. So that the radio function can voice resource persons with useful knowledge for the community which is escorted by the East Java LPP to provide knowledge to the community.

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