AIRFOR 123 “Adipura Kencana Nusantara Award from Surabaya”

AIRFOR 123 “Adipura Kencana Nusantara Award from Surabaya”

Congratulations to all Surabaya residents!

News UNAIR Postgraduate School, Friday Maret 03 2023 – Right on National Waste Awareness Day, 28 February 2023, it was a proud moment for the people of Surabaya with the achievement of the Adipura Kencana Award.

Surabaya managed to become the only metropolitan city that received this highest category charter with an assessment above standard. Rosa Vivien Ratnawati, SH., M.Sc, Director General of Management of Hazardous Waste, Waste and Toxic Materials (PSLB3) stated that the assessment for this category is quite difficult. Adipura’s current assessment is not only seen physically, but also highlights how a city formulates regional strategic policies that form the basis, adjusted to the mandate of Presidential Regulation (PP) No. 97 of 2017 concerning Jaktranas or the National Policy and Strategy for the Management of Household Waste & Waste-like Waste in Households. “Besides that, a TPA must be a sanitary landfill, a waste management capacity of at least 75%, as well as a green open space,” he continued.

It should be noted that the Adipura Program is actually a coaching program for cities so that their cities become clean and calm. Adipura is an incentive for cities that have implemented good environmental protection. One of them is also the consistency of the leadership of regional heads and their regional governments in building active participation, aligning green economic growth, social functions and ecological functions by applying the principles of good governance.

This condition was then seen at a macro level by the Director of UNAIR Postgraduate School in relation to the nation’s collective ambitions in 2045. According to Prof Badri, this ambition will not be achieved if the cities in Indonesia or megacities are not managed properly, especially related to the environment. “If you see the vision of Surabaya being advanced, humane and sustainable with mutual cooperation, the Mayor of Surabaya mobilizes all components, especially the community, to be responsible for their respective environments, including providing enthusiasm and a sense of ownership in protecting the city of Surabaya,” he said. The hope is that the ecosystem related to making the city of Surabaya greener and more sustainable can become best practices which can be transmitted to other cities or districts throughout Indonesia.

Still in an academic perspective, ITS Environmental Expert, Prof. Ir. Joni Hermana., MScES., Ph.D revealed that Adipura was an extraordinary breakthrough because then the city was required to really think about the waste cycle from start to finish. Apart from that, this assessment is clearly an advantage for Surabaya because Surabaya is the only metropolitan city that is able to process its waste into energy, as happened at the Benowo TPA. This long journey can also change the paradigm of “waste to energy”.

At the end of the discussion at the 123rd Airlangga Forum, Agus Hebi Djuniantoro, ST., MT, Head of the Surabaya City Environment Service appreciated all the elements involved, and that this achievement is proof of the movement for the past 10 years in an effort to form citizens who care about waste. .

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