Airlangga Forum Podcast: Green Company for A Better Environment

Green Company is a company whose activities only produce a small amount of waste to the environment and does not give big impacts to the environment. In this era, Green Company becomes a must for companies as it is related to the business continuity. To know more details about Green Company and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in managing disasters, Postgraduate School Universitas Airlangga held the 14th edition of Airlangga Forum on Friday (22/1) and was hosted by Assoc. Prof. Suparto Wijoyo. This program also invited several competent speakers such as Ajrun Karim, M.MT., Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco, and Assoc. Prof. Rudi Purwono.

In this 14th edition of Airlangga Forum, it has been discussed about the role of industry in overcoming and responding the environment impacts which have happened these days. Companies have a significant impact to control the environment so that it becomes important to apply the knowledge about saving the environment for organizations/companies also to be a role model for other parties as well.

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