Bali Summer School 2022: Repost Info from Website University Maastricht

Bali Summer School 2022: Repost Info from Website University Maastricht

Repost News from website Maastricht University, 12 Apr 2022 >>

In the week of 13 to 17 June, our Faculty, represented by Sascha Hardt as a co-convener, organises an interdisciplinary Summer School on Sustainable Rebuilding and Good Governance after Covid-19. This is organised together with Airlangga University in Surabaya, Indonesia, with whom we have successfully run the LEAP project for the past three years.

In this summer school, colleagues from our faculty collaborate with experts from the Center for Law and Sustainability (CSL) at Lucerne University (CH), Brandenburg Medical School (DE), and Simon Fraser University (CA), and several Indonesian universities.

Taking place in Bali, Indonesia, this summer school offers students from Indonesia and beyond the possibility to learn about and discuss the many challenges that lie ahead after the pandemic in a truly interdisciplinary fashion under a PBL approach.

The summer school addresses a large array of topics, ranging from reopening tourism in a more sustainable way to restoring and safeguarding civil rights, from global vaccine equity to establishing financial disaster-resilience, from better health literacy to better international coordination in case of international travel restrictions and border closures.

While the number of places in the summer school is limited, international applications are still welcome, and bachelor students from Maastricht will also be accepted. Therefore, do not hesitate to make students aware for this summer school. For more information, please contact Sascha Hardt.

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