Airlangga Forum with Regent of Sampang: Diversity and Conflict Management in Supporting Regional and National Economic Progress

News UNAIR Postgradute School, 21 May 2021 – Postgraduate School of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) in collaboration with Suara Sidoarjo held AIRLANGGA FORUM webinar with the title MEANING OF NATIONAL AWARENESS IN MAINTAINING NATIONAL HARMONY. Present as speakers H. Slamet Junaidi., S. IP, as the Regent of Sampang, Brig. Pol. Dr. Juansih., Dra., S.H., M.Hum., from The Indonesian Police Education and Training Institute, Dr. Eko Supeno, Drs., M.Sc., as Chairman of the Cooperation and Development Management Agency for UNAIR, Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco., Ph.D as Director of UNAIR Postgraduate School, and Suparto Wijoyo as Deputy Director III of UNAIR Postgraduate School and Host of AIRLANGGA FORUM. 

Slamet talked about the Shia Islamic boarding school, in which the role of the local government must step in to straighten the flow to be redirected to the Sunni sect. Communication must be opened between the regional head and his staff to the community to convince the people in Sampang that religious conflicts do not occur. In addition, Sampang, through the regent and his staff, moved by transferring the students from the boarding school to the appropriate boarding school, such as the Lirboyo boarding school, using personal money. This is because submitting a budget to the central government will take a long time to process, so the execution of the santri relocation strategy cannot be implemented.

In line with this, Eko Supeno also believes that the involvement of stakeholders can influence to repair Sampang into the right track, as a conflict-free area with a sustainable economy. Regional Heads must be free from conflicts of personal interest. If the regional head is held hostage by personal interests or groups that have supported him during the Regional Head Election, then the policies that should be applied to the community will be hampered.

Djuansih states that the Indonesian police have become more advanced, which implements E-policy by applying digital technology and collaborating with the community. Synergy with many parties is needed to create national order. Police services can now be implemented electronically in coordination with regional heads and stakeholders, such as companies and educational institutions. This form of synergy can accelerate the speed of action if there is an incident a case can be resolved quickly.

Meanwhile, Badri argues that if diversity can be managed properly, it will be a source of creativity. If creativity increases, more people will be able to escape the middle-income trap. For the national economy to grow, guarantee security in solving problems in society that have been passed down from generation to generation. Political, social and security stability can facilitate the stability of economic activity.

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