Airlangga Forum with Regent of Ponorogo: Economic and Socio-Cultural Transformation during a Pandemic, How is the Plot?

News of UNAIR Postgraduate School, 11 Jun 2021 – The Postgraduate School of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held the AIRLANGGA FORUM webinar ON Friday, June 11, 2021. This webinar is here with the topic, REGIONAL LEADERSHIP AS A STATE POWER ON THE WORLD STAGE. Present as speakers were Sugiri Sancoko as Regent of Ponorogo, Dimas Oky Nugroho as Expert Team for Economic Affairs Coordinator, Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco as Director of UNAIR Postgraduate School. Also acts as the Host of AIRLANGGA FORUM, namely Suparto Wijoyo, who also serves as Deputy Director III of UNAIR Postgraduate School.

Sugiri stated that Ponorogo is required to think outside the normal because during a pandemic it is necessary to think outside the box. There must be something extraordinary because the economy of the people of Ponorogo itself is on the brink, so innovation is needed to overcome the pandemic problem that is increasingly making it difficult for the community. He wants to build a culture-based Ponorogo, where each region has local wisdom as a symbol in tourism. He also explained that Gotong Royong needs to be revived, where people build houses, make Reog, etc. need cooperation.

In line with this, Dimas added that due to the pandemic and the invasion of information technology, leaders are needed who can bridge the needs of the community with the elites. The leader must be able to bridge various gaps, in line with those in the community, because the state and society have different interests. In addition, he believes that the socio-cultural aspects of Ponorogo also need to be developed following government programs, which are not only economic but also socio-cultural so that people will move according to the shared spirit. 

In addition, Dimas also touched on the issue of the agricultural sector, where President Soekarno also emphasized food security as a program. To move the economy, people need optimism, including in Ponorogo, which has a lot of creative industries. The agricultural, tourism and creative economy are sectors that have been developed by Banyuwangi and are running successfully. This may be applied to Ponorogo with a rapid transformation to fulfill the real economic sector.

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