Airlangga Forum with Lecturers of UNAIR Postgraduate School: Economic Governance during Pandemic

News of UNAIR Postgraduate School, 6 Aug 2021 – The need for inspiration and new ideas related to the economy during a pandemic like this is very necessary, for that Airlangga Forum and Suara Sidoarjo Chanel held a discussion forum with the theme ORKESTRA ECONOMIC GOVERNANCE IN A PANDEMI. Several economic experts such as Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco, Prof. Rudi, and Dr. Nuri.

According to the presentation of Prof. Badri from the perspective of strategic management. How about strategic management? Looking at the current economic growth report, which has grown by 7.07% in accordance with the Indonesian Economy Quarter 2 2021. Economic transformation which is a government program, according to calculations by Prof. Badri takes a lot of time, more or less it will take up to 15 years. In accordance with what was conveyed by President Jokowi, in economic transformation we must change industries that have low added value into high added value. Then in their respective industrial sectors, of course, must also grow. In addition, he also added that Indonesia should be smart in preparing what to do after the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Prof. Rudi also expressed his opinion on orchestration to produce the best through coordination and roles with all parties such as the central government to local governments. Then the role of the world of entrepreneurship, and the role of universities. Efforts to optimize economic transformation need good cooperation between the government and one another to achieve goals in accordance with what was conveyed by Prof. Badri is escaping Indonesia from the middle income trap in 2045 as a gift for Indonesia’s 100th birthday. Of course, all of this requires good cooperation between governments with one another.

In addition, Dr. Nuri tried to highlight changes in people’s behavior which would later be related to the preparation of human resources. During this pandemic, human behavior is divided into 2 things, namely the short term and the long term. The short term itself during the pandemic is public awareness in carrying out health protocols, such as wearing masks, keeping distance. Long-term behavioral changes are broader in scope, such as education, economy, consumption, and social behavior. In preparing human resources that have standards according to future economic needs, of course universities here have a great responsibility to produce creative and quality human resources.

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