Airlangga Forum with Agus Dwi Handayana, Director of Bank Mandiri: Leadership in Dealing with The Crisis situation in Banking in Indonesia

News of UNAIR Postgraduate School, 30 Apr 2021 – Universitas Airlangga Postgraduate School (UNAIR) held a regular webinar on Friday, April 30, 2021. This webinar is themed “Leadership Transformation After COVID-19 Pandemic in the Banking Sector”.  Present as speakers Agus Dwi Handayana as Director of Compliance and Human Resources of Bank Mandiri, Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco as Director of Unair Graduate School, Prof. Dr. Fendy Suhariadi, M.T., Psychologist as KPS S3 PSDM Graduate School UNAIR, AND Suparto Wijoyo as Vice Director of Graduate School UNAIR and host Airlangga Forum.

Suparto argues that leadership transformation is necessary to address the pandemic situation, especially in the banking sector. The banking sector experienced a decrease in cash flow, where the number of MSME financing loans and businesses experienced bottlenecks in payments. The main reason is the decrease in purchasing power of the community that leads to the demand for commodity products, so that MSMEs, companies, and corporations experience constraints in the payment of bank loans.

While Agus Dwi argues that a professional leader should apply what he believes, what should be done to his team, and what he thinks.  A leader believes that the purpose of his actions is solely to save the lives and fates of his subordinates, the organization he leads, and their future. In overcoming the pandemic situation, a leader must restructure the management of bank loan expenditures to the public. In addition, a leader must have three skills in the era of globalization, namely cognitive, emotional control, especially in social skills, as well as mastery of technology.

Agus also added that Bank Mandiri itself also prepares leaders, both central and branch to be physically and mentally ready in the face of pandemic disruptions. In addition, the leaders are trained to adapt to the new normal situation. . but despite having structured strategies, leaders are also prepared to deal with the worst situations, because pandemics cause economic lethargy and the destruction of people’s economic order.

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