Creative Economy Network: Innovating and Creative Working in Pandemic Era

The pandemic that is now happening is not only attacking on health field, but also economy field. According to the data from the Ministry of Manpower, it is noted that around 39.977 companies in formal sector chose to lay off its employees. Other than that, around 1.010.579 workers are getting the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic. Not only in formal sector, the distraction in economy field caused by the pandemic also happens in micro, small, and medium enterprises. Quoted from the data in the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), around 56% of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises have experienced a degression in sales turnover results as the effect of Covid-19 pandemic, 22% have experienced difficulties in getting an outlay/credits, 15% have experienced a problem in product distribution, and the rest 4% reported to have difficulties in getting raw materials.

It is needed several alternative of solutions, creativity, and innovations so that all impacted parties can get through the difficult situations. On that account, on Thursday (14/1) Postgraduate School Universitas Airlangga through its new program ‘Creative Economy Network’ 1st edition holding a discussion forum carrying out a theme “Exploring Creative Ideas and Innovations in Pandemic Era” and inviting several speakers such as Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco (the Director of Postgraduate School Universitas Airlangga), Mohammad Ghofirin (the General Secretary of One Pesantren One Product of East Java), Indra Nur Fauzi (the Chairman of Economy & Enterpreneurship Asssembly of PW Muhammadiyah East Java). This program was hosted by Assoc. Prof. Suparto Wijoyo and Narulita Herawati.

The discussion between these speakers are related to the acts that should be done in order to increase the society economy in this pandemic era also find ways to minimize the number of Covid-19 patients. One of the ways is by making a program as explained in the 6th edition of Airlangga Forum called ‘One Pesantren One Product’ (OPOP) as the idea of the Governor of East Java in Nawa Bhakti Satya in which there are 9 programs. OPOP East Java is included in the seventh Bhakti that is for East Java become useful by developing the economy field based on the SMEs. In that seventh Bhakti also stated that OPOP East Java to give contributions in developing East Java itself through Islamic boarding schools where it is not only a dakwah institution, but also functions as society empowerment and society economy strength.

OPOP East Java also wants to create the citizen prosperity with Islamic boarding school-based through santri, Islamic boarding schools, and alumni empowerments. In OPOP East Java, there are 3 (three) main pillars called pesantrenpreneus, santripreneur, sosiopreneur. Other than that, in 5 years of her term of office, the Governor of East Java is also targeting on having 1000 Islamic boarding school with 1000 products made to compete in local and International markets. There are several facilities provided by OPOP East Java such as the improving of human resources, qualities, products, outlay access, and many more. This hopefully will get a lot of santri and alumni to contribute in new ideas making. Postgraduate School Universitas Airlangga also shows its supports to help by opening several new study programs that can support students to create new useful innovations in this pandemic era.

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