Airlangga Forum with UNAIR Faculty Member: Women and The Meaning of Independence

News of UNAIR Postgraduate School, 27 Aug 2021 – A life that is rich in diversity, especially for humans who are divided into several groups such as nations, they have ideals and beliefs in their own nation, especially women who certainly have a major contribution to their nation. For this reason, Airlangga Forum held a discussion forum with the theme LET’S LISTEN TO WOMEN TALKING ABOUT THE MEANING OF INDEPENDENCE. There were several speakers such as Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco, Prof. Dr. Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, M.Si, Dian Ekowati, SE., M.Sc., M.AppCom(orgCh)., Ph.D, Dr. Twi Siwi Agustina, SE., M.Sc., Dr Rosa Ristawati, LL.M and Suparti Wijoyo as operators at the Airlangga Forum this time.

Several resource persons expressed their aspirations, according to Dr. Ni Nyoman herself filled independence unlike what our previous heroes fought for. But filling independence as it is today is how we continue to contribute to the integrity of the nation, such as helping in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. In terms of domestic achievements, such as showing the progress of local products, we should be proud of some of the inspiration generated by the nation’s sons and daughters.

Then according to Dian Ekowati, she agreed with what Pro said. Ni Nyoman said that the most important part now is how we fulfill our independence because the part of gaining independence has long been achieved by our former heroes. One of them is to enlarge the impact that universities contribute to building and filling independence, such as helping the community in solving various problems that occur in it. Related to the context of women themselves who have a major contribution to the development of universities, women can also show power that they can contribute greatly in filling this independence.

On the other hand, Dr. Tri Siwi also expressed her aspiration that women have increased in their various contributions in various sectors, especially in the field of entrepreneurship. This is especially true for wives who have been abandoned by their husbands because of some things in the current condition, especially for areas in East Java, which incidentally has the highest number of widowed cases. How they innovate in their business of course need assistance from universities such as Airlangga, so that in this way universities really help women in contributing to independence.

Then Prof. Badri also said that after independence, a nation has the right to be equal to other nations, in the sense of being equal to developed countries. Therefore, we need to create transformative leaders so that they can accelerate the Indonesian nation to become a developed nation. One way to equalize it as we know it today is to make red and white vaccines and create technology-based entrepreneurs.

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