Update Information after The Steering Committee Meeting

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

To all participants of the ICPSUAS international conference, After the steering committee held a closed meeting on the international conference to be held on 1 – 2 August 2017 it was decided :

1.Each participant who submits the abstract and paper after the 25th of July 2017 pk 12.00, the abstract and the paper will still be accepted, but their name will not be included in the guide book and can not present their paper (although registering as an oral presenter) but may still come and Put up a poster.
2.To straighten and justify any misconceptions yesterday, regarding the payment of conference fees, the post-graduate director decided that those who were free were all ICPSUAS committees and active magister or doctoral students who registered as authors. While the general participants and students who register as co-author still pay but only 50% of the conference fee.
3.Each participant is allowed for presentation with Indonesian language, but power point still prepared in English. But required every participant to use standard English and properly arranged.
4.Each participant is encouraged to submit their full paper soon. The full paper collection limits are extended until the conference. For the review and revision process will follow when the conference took place on 1 – 2 August 2017. there will be a special session, guidance on the revision process of the paper. The paper revision phase will take place for two weeks after the conference is held. Each paper will be required to improve the content, grammar, and must be tailored to the tamplate requested by the atlantis press, as the official publisher of the conference (see the conference website). If the revision process is not carried out and exceeds the time limit of two weeks after the conference, it will be considered failed and rejected.
5.For participants who are pursuing their thesis or dissertation hearing schedule, are granted relief for the post-graduate director by registering the hearing only by completing the LOA (letter of accepted) which can be downloaded from the web. How to download and its location will be included in the photo attached below.
6.Every participant who has done the registration, submit abstract and full paper, is expected to download three important files that will be obliged to be brought when re-registration during the conference is held to facilitate the registration process. The three files are LOA (letter of acceted), LOI (letter of invitation) and PR (payment receipt). Except for non-presenters (or co-authors), download just two files of LOI (latter of invitation) and PR (payment receipt). Those who do not carry these three files will complicate the registration process, as the three letters will then be used to get the Conference Card ID to be used during the conference. The strictness of the protocol was applied due to the presence of important speakers at this conference. So please pay attention carefully. Except for the committee and students who are registered as the author, to download PR (payment receipt) ahead of the conference that is 31 July 2017. because the PR is being made a special receipt of post-graduate school.

For further information can be contact the operator Mr. Tan Evan Tandiyono at 081332418586/081235226608 (WA).

Download LOA, LOI & PR

Thank you very much

Prof. Hj. Romziah Sidik, Drh., Ph.D.
Director of the international Conference