In accordance to ICPSUAS 2017 conference, so that the submitted/presented papers can pass the proceeding and indexed scopus, participants are required to:

  1. Edit/update their own paper(s) based on:
    • the input(s) given during their presentation in the conference.
    • the guideline/template of journal-worthy-international-paper taught in the Coaching Clinic during the ICPSUAS 2017 conference. The guideline/template will be sent via email to each participant’s email address; if you have not acquired the mail, you may download it manually via this following link: Guideline/ Template Page
  2. Re-submit the edited/updated paper to the Submission Page (re-registry is not needed).

Once you have re-submitted your edited/updated your paper(s), the committee will examine it whether it’s already met the given criteria of international journal submission or not. We will contact each of you personally based on the paper’s assessment.

The deadline of all paper re-submission is August 17th 2017, 23.59 WIB. Any submission past the given time & date will not be accepted.

We hope that all participants’ papers can pass the proceeding and indexed scopus.

Prof. Hj. Romziah Sidik, Drh., Ph.D.
Director of the International Conference




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