Event Schedule ICPSUAS 2017

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Note :

To all participants of ICPSUAS 2017 conference,

It was announced that on 1st and 2nd August 2017, there will be a coaching clinic paper at 13.00 – 15.00 (room will follow) to standardize the existing papers to be eligible for inclusion in the proceedings to get the SCOPUS index. Here are the provisions:

1. those who are allowed to participate are participants who upload paper.
2. participants who get the presentation on the first day will follow the coaching clinic paper on the second day. And vice versa, those who are presenting on the second day will follow the caoching clinic paper on the first day.
3. participants are expected to bring laptops and other equipment, including cables and others.
4. for the implementation of coaching clinic to run smoothly, the participants are expected to prepare questions before coaching clinic.
5. It is expected that the participants will not be late to come so that the short coaching clinic can run effectively.

We hope that all participants’ papers can pass the proceeding and indexed scopus.

Thank you very much
Prof. Hj. Romziah Sidik, Drh., Ph.D.
Director of the international Conference

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