Call For Papers


“Innovation of Technology and Bureaucracy Towards Good and Clean Governance to Improve the Nation’s Competitiveness”


  1. Health Science: Biomedical and – Bioensor, bioinformatica, modelling and simulation, biomedical instrumentation, biomechanics, measurement, Biomaterial, cellular and tissue eng.,drug delivery, bioinformatics, neuro engineering.
  2. Social Science ( Humaniora and Law ): including (but not limited to) Public Administration and Innovation, Law and Environment, Public International Law, Technology and Societies, Law Techology and governance (i.e. Technologies in Courtrooms and Judicial Offices (E-Court), Technologies for Governments and Administrations (E-Government)).
  3. Life Science: including (but not limited to) agricultural sciences, agronomy, animal science, fisheries, forestry, cropping system.
  4. Economic and Management: Economics, Zakat, Waqaf, Finance, Business, Marketing, Accounting
  5. Police Studies: including (but not limited to) Policing and Technology, Police Administration and Management, Police and Security Governance, Police and Crime Prevention Strategies, Police Accountability and Transparency, Policing Transnational organized Crime and Corruption

Note: Selected Papers Will Be Published in
Scite Press Conference Proceedings (Scopus/Thompson Reuters Indexed).

Field Study

This International Conference is relevant to any field of studies:

  1. Health Science
  2. Social Science (Humaniora & Law)
  3. Life Science
  4. Economic and Management
  5. Police Studies