Postgraduate Program of Universitas Airlangga (Unair) is a continuation of study for S2 and S3 degree. The offered study program generally is a synergy of cross-disciplinary (multidisciplinary), especially to find the solution of problems in society. Presently, Postgraduate Program of Universitas Airlangga offers 12 courses, both S2 and S3 degree. Postgraduate Program of Universitas Airlangga has graduated hundreds of alumni who occupy important sectors, both in government and civil institutions.

Postgraduate Education in Unair has actually started since the establishment of Unair on November 10, 1954. The promotion for a doctorate was held for the first time in 1959 and within the period 1959 – 1976, Unair has graduated ten (10) doctors. At that time, a free program was implemented to obtain a doctorate degree.

Starting from 1976 a doctoral program was developed at the expense of Doctoral Program Management Team (TMPD) and S2 education program opens three courses, namely Basic Medical Science, Dentistry, and Legal Studies, then followed by the Study Program of Economics (1981), Public Health (1982), and Pharmaceutical Science (1983).

Initial name of the postgraduate program was Postgraduate Faculty which was based on PP. 5/1980 and PP No.27/1981. However, the Postgraduate Faculty has only been in operation after the appointment of the Dean of the Graduate Faculty refers to the letter of Kepmendikbud No. 23497/C/I/1983 dated March 10, 1983. Therefore, the Posraduate Faculty was established since 1983 and the activities as the Faculty began in the academic year of September 1983.

In 1991 the Postgraduate Faculty changed its name to Postgraduate Program to date. The change of name is based on Kepmendikbud RI No. 0311/O/1991 Concerning Closure of Graduate Faculty and Opening of Graduate Program in University Environment and State Institute and endorsed by Rector Decree of Unair No. 2444/PT03.H/E/1992 Concerning Closure of Postgraduate Faculty and Opening of Postgraduate Program of Universitas Airlangga.

The Postgraduate Program of Unair currently runs multidisciplinary master’s and doctoral programs only. Meanwhile, the interdisciplinary and monodisciplinary master’s and doctoral programs are managed by each faculty. This management model is based on Rector Decree of Unair No. 1947/H3/KR/2011 on Stipulation of Scope of Study Program in Monodisciplinary, Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Categories.

Since February 24, 2012 the Postgraduate Program has managed ten (10) multidisciplinary master programs (Forensic Science, Immunology, Psychology, Legal and Development Science, Islamic Economic Science, Fisheries and Marine Biotechnology, Police Science Studies, Intellectual Property Rights, Disaster Management, and biomedical technology and two (2) multidisciplinary doctoral programs (PSDM and Islamic Economics). Overall, at the moment there are twelve (12) courses under the Postgraduate Program.