Achievements of Learning Technobiomedik Graduates

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  1. Being able to develop knowledge, technology, or art in the field of technobiomedic professional practice through research, to produce innovative and proven works.
  2. Being able to solve the problems of science, technology, and or art in the field of science through inter or multidisciplinary approach
  3. Being able to manage research and development that benefit the society and science and being able to get national and international recognition.



  1. Being able to lead and implement the basic concept of Total Quality Management, Lean Production System, inventory control, and quantitative techniques that are relevant in resolving problems in the medical industry.
  2. Being able to lead and analyze well, operational management concepts related to operating system design, product and service design, quality management, supply chain management, capacity planning, location, facilities for medical applications.
  3. Being able to lead and analyze new therapeutic development strategies that prioritize patient’s body regeneration and understand management concepts to help the selection of the best therapies for patients, in an effort to restore quality of life.
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